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A lightweight and flexible screenshot app

Screenshot Captor is a screenshot app for PC devices, enabling you to capture your screen in many ways. From active and scrolling windows to fixed zones or your whole workspace, this application has you covered. On top of it, the app features a bulk of handy editing features, becoming an all-in-one package for handling pictures of your screen.

More than a screen-printer

If you ever felt limited by the stock screenshot tool by Windows, this tool may be for you. The Screenshot Captor app takes control of the PrtScr button, allowing you to control the process in much more detail.

Among other things, this tool enables you to accept or reject screenshots on the fly. It can grab everything from a region to an entire window or screen, or even piece together a big image from a window through which you're scrolling.

How to use Screenshot Captor

The program takes over the PrtSc, or Print Screen button. When you press it, you’ll hear the program’s shutter sound. This is how you take the screenshot. You’ll then be presented with your options regarding saving the file. If you click “Save image and show”, you’ll be presented with all of your editing options.

Alternatively, you can click on the various capture methods in the toolbar that appear at the top left. You can move this toolbar around, and it automatically retracts when you move your mouse away.

With this application, you'll find all features of commercial screen-printers packed in a free download, bundled with many extras.

A plethora of handy features

Once you take a screenshot, you may access the many filters and effects available within the app - frames, shadows, blurring, adding borders, and much more. The tool also enables you to generate thumbnails, and the zoom is impressive - up to 999%.

The taskbar options are also quite extensive. The editing interface is neat and easy to navigate, making your photo management that much easier.

Another handy feature is the fact that there are dozens of video movies demonstrating this program on the developer's website. Although the number of features may feel overwhelming at first, they're all useful for people often working with screenshots.

Saving and editing

After you take a snapshot, the tool will allow you to choose between several options for saving and uploading. First, you'll see a preview window from where you may discard an image if you don't like it. If you do, you can save it in one of the many available formats, print it, send it, save on the clipboard, upload items, or edit it.

As regards sending, Screenshot Captor for Windows allows you to merge several files into one PDF item, or save them as GIFs. You'll see a built-in uploader with various tabs allowing you to monitor the queue, upload more photos, and more.

Then comes the editing stage. You can perform a multitude of actions with your files. These cover both the organizational side and the context of its looks. Moreover, new pictures can fit in the current snapshots, and there's also a photo editor and a caption adder.

The editing features are many, some of the most prominent including custom texts, drawing with a paintbrush, and embedding clipart and frames.

Color enhancements are also super-efficient and cover several areas of hue editing. There are even automatic modes to fix existing issues with your photos.

The basic and advanced configuration tools provide you with full control of all features of your image. Finally, Screenshot Captor also enables you to build up an email list and make many actions, from uploading to printing and scanning, automatic.

Bugs and alternatives

The most prominent disadvantage of Screen Captor comes from its main feature - it may be too much for a casual user. The UI isn't intuitive, and you'll need time and effort to get the hang of it, especially if you plan on editing your screenshots.

If you're looking for more accessible alternatives, PC Screen Capture is lightweight and efficient, as well as free to download. FastStone Capture is excellent for a basic level of editing.

Moreover, Freez Screen Video Capture caters to those who often need to record their screens, while LightShot emphasizes efficiency above all else.

A versatile tool

Screenshot Captor is more than a screen-printer. It stands out thanks to its abundance of extra features, making it appropriate for the simplest and the most complex tasks. The feature bundle and configuration settings make it one of the best on the market. However, people who need only the most straightforward of options may find it a bit too much to their liking.

If, for any reason, you need to make screenshot captures relatively frequently (or only on occasion), Screenshot Captor is the ideal program, as much for its usability as for its characteristics and advantages, which include all that is necessary in this type of program.

Since it allows you to assign a number of distinct keyboard combinations for each type of capture (active window, entire screen, region to Clipboard…) it is optimized to make multiple consecutive captures with little intervention from the user. It also keeps saving the files in the folder that you assigned, using correlative names included in a folder.

Once you have all your captures, you will be able to set a series of effects like retrieving one part of the image while the rest remains hidden or of a grayish tone, tracing a colour square to retrieve a certain area of the capture or setting a shade effect to the whole image. Screenshot Captor also includes an integrated file manager that can be configured to open the captured image directly in your favorite graphics editor, even though it also offers a variety of customization possibilities.


  • Many capturing and file managing options available
  • In-app filters and effects
  • Lightweight
  • A free utility


  • A bit too complicated
  • Old-fashioned interface


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  • Well Com

    by Well Com

    thank's for the software and congratulation and kindly provide this software for windows 8 & 10

  • Rashit Kuzeev

    by Rashit Kuzeev

    The best among others!.
    It's the best screenshooter in my experience!
    All the necessary options are implemented in this proMore

  • hamdy attia

    by hamdy attia

    i will be happy while i am using this program.
    i think it will be very good as it is fast and easy to use with very good contrast

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    by Anonymous

    can recommend it to friends.
    good and easily friendlier user .its a verry good software keepup good work this feature rocks

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    by Shalini Gupta

    It is an amazing tool and super easy to use. It is accelerates the speed of the work
    Pros: Ease of use and speed<More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Easy Access Information Directory.
    Simple and effectuve method of screenshot capture. I use it it a lot in training and showing More

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