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Help & Info about Screenshot Captor for windows

  • What is Screenshot Captor?

    Screenshot Captor is a piece of software designed to allow users to capture screenshots of their desktops. Whatever it is on a user’s screen they wish to save, they can with this handy program. In addition, it features a variety of filters, effects and editing tools that help to make the final product the best image possible. For professional or personal use, it’s a must-have application.
  • Is Screenshot Captor free?

    Yes, Screenshot Captor is free to download, install and use. This freeware requires no initial purchase and users will not find any additional charges anywhere in the program—all features are free to use upon the first download.
  • Is Screenshot Captor safe?

    This software is safe to use and does not contain any harmful adware or malware. For computers running the latest security software, there is no risk in downloading the program to their PC.
  • How do I install Screenshot Captor?

    Captor can be installed by first downloading the setup file via an official or third-party source. Once the file is downloaded, users can follow the installation steps and confirm a location for the download on their hard drive. Once it’s installed, it can be used immediately to capture screenshots of anything and everything.
  • Is it legal?

    Yes, it’s legal to download and use this screen capture software. While the program itself and the act of screenshotting your images from your desktop is legal, it should be noted that not everything should be captured. For example, copyrighted photos and images that are captured with this tool are still copyrighted. It’s recommended that users not screenshot and share copyrighted material.
  • What platforms is Screenshot Captor available on?

    This software is developed and designed for use with the Windows operating system, specifically Windows XP. It cannot be installed on other systems like Mac or Linux, though comparable software may be found for each of them.
  • Where is the program installed?

    When running the setup process, users can choose the storage location of the software on their hard drive. Once the program is fully installed, they’ll be able to find the program file in the destination they selected should they ever wish to delete the software.
  • How often is the software updated?

    Captor is no longer regularly updated. Because it was designed for Windows XP, it no longer receives support, as XP is now outdated. The last version of the program for download was version 4.16.1 at a size of 8.84 MB. It will still run on XP systems, though it may not work on newer updates of Windows flagship OS.
  • What is Screenshot Captor’s image quality like?

    Unlike saving an image file, Captor saves images based on how they appear on your screen. This means that, even if an image is large in size and can be zoomed in to show its high quality, this can’t necessarily be done once its screenshotted—the largest size of the image will be the largest it can appear on your desktop.
  • What programs can I use Screenshot Captor with?

    Screenshot Captor can screenshot any program or application. Whatever appears on your screen can be saved, regardless of what its source is.


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Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country. We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws.